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'Stats' BR vs. SR (Seller Requests aka sellers advertising in BR ;))


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With all the thousands of threads complaining about sellers’ advertising in Buyer Requests section, up to only sellers’ ads in BR, I thought some ‘statistics’/hard facts might be interesting…you´re welcome to post yours!

My ‘BR stats’ as of today, Feb 15:

category: translation
Requests before ‘Load More’ button: 30
date of Requests: Feb 8 - Feb 14
real BRs: 19 (one of those definitely in the wrong category)
sellers advertising: 10
Requests I´m not able to figure out if it is a BR or a seller’s ad: 1

19/30 are real BRs
10/30 are definitely SRs
1/30 not sure

17 or 18/30 translation related requests

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Maybe fiverr can create a kind of Seller ads page? I’m sure it would be a ridiculous proposition, but maybe, just maybe all of those dumbos who post ads on BR page will move over there. At least it will clean up the mess that is the BR of today.

Besides, it was much better when I first joined the platform. What changed?

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Apart from that it always seems to everyone that the old times were the good old times? 😉

Not sure, maybe more people generally=more people who don´t read stuff?

Yep! But, I believe it’s more a case of poorer legislation (or regulation, if you will). Back then every post was scrutinized and there was a 48-hour window for requests to be accepted, or rejected. It seems to me that’s no longer the case. Anything and Everything now qualify for the BR page!

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Update: April 2nd

requests from: March 31st - April 2nd
categories: Translation + Transcription + Other

BRs - 25/30
SRs - 3/30
Not Sure - 2/30 (one is a short statement which might be a BR, a SR, or ?; one is 1 short line in Arabic)

(This looks like not too bad a rate today, though I have to add that 5 of the 25 real ones are all by the same person for the same thing.)

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Update: May 1st

requests from: April 25th - May 1st
categories: Translation

In theory it should be 30 BRs on the page without clicking more for the stats purposes, but 2 BRs are duplicates, so only 28 this time. 10/28 Seller ads, stats point downwards.

BRs - 15/28 ( incl.3x real BRs but nothing to do with translation)

SRs - 10/28

??? - 2/28
(1x unclear (could either be a BR or a try to get 1 sentence translated into different languages for free)
(1x unclear, not in English)

other: 1x (angry buyer; “what the hell why aren’t my request gettting approved rubbish aap”)

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