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I do not see any interest in my tags .. What's the reason


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Hello theprofessor!

Here’s my quick guide to Fiverr tags. Also remembered, your description and title should be SEO optimized (google it if you don’t know what that is)

  1. Are your tags short and simple?
  2. Are your tags pieces of what you expect people to search
  3. What words are people searching for that are similar to your gig?
  4. What are other sellers using as their tags (Careful about this though, copying won’t help, but instead use other sellers as a “guide” to help get on the right track)
  5. Are your gigs new?
  6. Is your gig in a popular category?
  7. Is your description and title SEO optimized?

Looking at these things should help you optimize your gig. Also try searching here on the forums, there are some much better posts about gig optimization that are really helpful.

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