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I need the service of a web guy to put 2 pluginings on my website


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firstly let me just list what i need done.

  1. install social login plugin on my website ( it was to be working totally when you are done with the job so members can just sign up using it) If you need any login info i will provide it) facebook, twitter, youtube, google…
  2. install a video plugin where members can upload videos when there are logged in/ place a contact form where they can attach the videos they want to send to me, so i can upload it to the site myself.
  3. Look through my site and give advise as to how i should set it up, theme, etc.

    can anyone do this for me for $5?

    If i am satisfied with the job you do, i will keep hiring you to help with me site. As soon as i get 1, 2, 3 done and out of the way, i will be needing, traffic, tweets, facebook likes, adsense setup, affiliate marketing etc. but these are other/future jobs.

    please refer me to people who can do 1, 2, 3. thanks alot.

    inbox me at www.fiverr.com/nawooo

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