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General tips for freelancers (Reminder for me)


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  1. Move your body, exercise for at least 1 hour every day.
  2. Go for a walk every day. Get enough sunlight. You need vitamin D.
  3. Avoid junk food, soft drinks, fruit juice or anything with sugar, salt and simple carbs.
  4. Work for short bursts of time, don’t get distracted at work. Don’t browse the internet, or chat on Facebook etc.
  5. Stay away from the news cycle, why bother about things you cannot control. It’s okay to follow sports, light entertainment and movies. Stay away from anything political.
  6. Read at least a couple of pages from a good book every day.
  7. Make sure you get 7 hours of sleep.

Add your own points.

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I dug up something i read a while ago from a post in greatist which helped in creativity boost.

Listen to music.
Get someone else’s opinion.
Look at something blue or green. (It actually works for me)
Have some booze. (In moderation of course!)
Laugh a little.
List problems in a notebook.

I hope this helps someone!

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