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My Journey + Tips for New Seller's


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My Fiverr journey

I came to know about Fiverr last year from my friend during a gossip in University.
So I decided to learn about Fiverr. After thorough reading about Fiverr, I decided to create an account on Fiverr. Signing up on Fiverr was quite easy and it doesn’t take long. After signing up I create my first gig. I write good descriptions about my service and include some good samples of my previous work as portfolio images.

I got my first order on that day. After that, I got regular sales and some of my buyers become my repeated buyers.During this journey, I also continued my university studies and Fiverr revenue helped me in paying my hostel expenditures and others expenses.

Today I got regular orders on Fiverr. I also purchase other Fiverr gigs. I have added some gigs to my favorite because I love their work.

Tips for New Sellers

  • Quality, not Quantity

During my Fiverr journey, I experienced that only Quality can survive on Fiverr. If you have a skill you can survive on Fiverr, otherwise you will be kicked out by one way or other. So focus on Quality of work and try to provide your 100% to buyer.

  • Avoid too many multiple Gigs

Always focus on the presentation of your Gig. One or two well-presented Gigs are better than seven less presented Gigs. I have seen sellers on Fiverr who had just one Gig but still they have to pause their Gig because of too many orders.

  • Buyer Request

Buyer Request is one of the most important tool.
1) Thoroughly read the request
2) Send Buyer request to those about which you have 100% surity that you can do the task
3) Wisely use Buyer request
4) Send Proposal according to the request

  • Repeated Buyers

Repeted Buyers are most important. If you provide 100% and communicated well with your buyer,your buyer will becomes repeated buyer.
I always share my experience of one of my repeated buyer.
Once a buyer purchased my Gig with basic package. He becomes to happy with my work that he purchased my gig again with both standard and premium package. Now he is my repeated buyer

My Overall Experience

Fiverr has changed my life and the way of working. It helped me to achieve my goals while continuing my studies. It gives me new spirit and freedom. I preffer Fiverr on other platforms because of its Uniqune Selling strategy, Secure money transication and Rapid Customer Support. Fiverr is now part of my Life

“Thankyou Fiverr”

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