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  1. Welcome to Fiverr. Best of luck! This will happen… a lot. Make as many connections you can and hopefully a few will payoff.
  2. Hi there. Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, the Fiverr staff you are referring to wont be able to see this message and relate it to your specific issue. I would recommend contact Fiverr CS Support directly. Also, we are not able to post Usernames in this forum, so it’s a good idea to remove that sellers name. Maybe reading the Fiverr and forum ToS could help.
  3. I have an issue with the size of my gig image thumbnail. When I view my gig thumbnail in the search via a computer, the image sizing is fine. However, the thumbnail size of my gig on mobile search looks to be zoomed in about 100x. I checked some other gig thumbnails from other sellers and this is the same for everyone. It makes my thumbnail image on mobile search unreadable. Has it always been like that and I just noticed? I’m having a hard time finding a way to have a good sized image for both web and mobile search. Thanks!
  4. Avoid doing this. This is a ToS violation.
  5. Then you must at least be concerned that your images are being used by thousands of different people, right? I know if someone stole my work that I wouldn’t be so laid back. Look for yourself, your images are being used everywhere. Yes, it will hurt your stats if you cancel. It would be the same measurements as your past account, which was disabled.
  6. I was a little confused about your questions, so I took a look at your profile. You asked about what can happen to a seller’s profile if they cancel an order, or if they are unable to create a logo for a customer. I’m going to guess, but it sounds like you are having trouble with a current buyer. One who may have thought you could provide logo service. And they may be unhappy with what you have delivered so far. Here is why I guess this. Your gig images are other people’s work and not your own. Not only is this a ToS violation, it’s also bad business practice. This could lead customers to think you actually did those logos, and I would assume they would ask to cancel when they found out you didn’t. Please don’t open a Fiverr gig with stolen materials. If you are a capable artist, then you will be able to fill your profile. It looks like you spent a few minutes copying images and text from google. I recommend to make changes immediately before someone reports your account.
  7. Did you know that you have someone’s bank statement and someone’s resume in your portfolio. I mean, I know that it’s up to the customer for that, but sheesh… that’s a bit much. I have no idea if removing watermarks is allowed, maybe it is. So far your portfolio shows 1) Someone trying to get their graduation picture’s watermark removed from the samples instead of paying the photographer for their work 2) Changes to a PDF saved resume and 3) Modification of bank statements. Not sure I would want to be associated with it. And @jonbaas was correct. If you plan on giving advice on the forum, please don’t copy and paste the same thing you saw somewhere else.
  8. Like @misscrystal mentioned, I think that it’s a creative idea. I like it and thank you for mentioning it. Can’t hurt to add a small new buyer discount anyway. Could be a two birds one stone kinda thing. Thanks @visualstudios
  9. This isn’t a crazy idea. If I send some buyer requests I may receive some messages back. Thanks! That is great to hear! I hope that something similar can happen as well. My rate is currently 88% and falling. I haven’t had any new messages since the one I missed, so by mathematical standards, it will continue to fall.
  10. I am not sure about other sellers, but I have had a sharp decline in new customer messages to my inbox in the last month(s). I get messages from repeat customers all the time. However, I have not had a new customer send me a message in the last 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago, a new customer sent me a message to my inbox with the word, “Hi.” The same customer then placed an order through my gig about 2 minutes later. I made a mistake. I did not respond to the customer’s original “Hi” in my inbox. I started and kept all communication in the order page. Because of my mistake, I was penalized in my in my Response Rate. I figured I was ok until recently. The problem is this… I haven’t received any new messages. My rate will continue to drop, and drop. The response rate calculates all of your new messages received in the last 60 days. If my last message was 2 weeks ago, and I made a mistake and missed it… I will have no choice but to wait for more messages in hopes that I will not be demoted. During this same time I have received about 30 orders from new customers that use the order to message me. Unfortunately, the system will only calculate customers that send you a message via inbox. I know I made a mistake, and missed the message. It stinks that I can’t do anything but hope.
  11. Have you checked your email for any Payoneer messages? That is how I noticed. I received the first email from Payoneer confirming the withdrawal, and then the second email about 20 minutes later that confirmed the funds deposited to my bank account.
  12. UPDATE* I still haven’t received anything from Fiverr regarding the issue. However, I did receive an email from Payoneer saying the withdrawal has been processed.
  13. I am in the same boat as you. I have never had any issues before. I am getting the same error messages. When I tried a second time, I received an error that said “You don’t have enough gains to withdrawal”, but the funds are still there.
  14. This is the title to one of your gigs. " I Will Help In Probability, Statistics,Maths And Econ Assignments". This is in the description of one of your other gigs, “Personalised one-on-one lesson with examples, exam prep and homework help” I recommend reading the Fiverr ToS, as your gigs violate policy. You cannot offer to do homework assignments. As for buyer requests, you can access them again once your rating has improved. However, this wont matter if you don’t edit your gigs.
  15. Yes. It is against Fiverr ToS to ask for a positive review. However, asking for a customer to review your order is ok. It’s the “positive” rating part that can hurt you.
  16. I was the exact same. Took about 2 weeks to research and create my gigs. First order the 2nd day I think.
  17. Yes. Asking for reviews or being paid for reviews is against the Fiverr ToS.
  18. You’re right. You are asking a general question. You are asking a group of mostly sellers. Sellers that are used to being taken advantage of. So when we see someone trying to get work done by asking sellers to “compete”, we know what’s happening.
  19. This sounds like what the OP was describing they’d like to do.
  20. Same as note above. Not the right place for what you are looking for. You are also using Fiverr in an attempt to have sellers work on something outside of Fiverr, which is a TOS violation.
  21. I agree. When I see that you are using someone else’s photo as your own… I don’t trust much after that.
  22. It’s been said a few times already but don’t worry. I work in VO and get similar requests all the time. I send 3-4 demo samples that are obviously demos. There is nothing in the script other than me describing my sweet sweet voice, lol. They would serve no purpose if someone even tried to use them for their own gain.
  23. Hi there. This is definitely frustrating to have your completion rate lowered. I noticed you mentioned that the buyer did not contact you before hand. One of your giga has this at the very bottom of the description “NOTE: Please inbox me before making an order”. This could continue to be an issue for you as Fiverr likes that a customer can just pick a seller and pay. If possible, it may be beneficial to change that gig around so that if a customer does order without contacting you, you will not be hit with this situation again. Hopefully it doesn’t happen again!
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