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Video Editor Needed, Under 5 Minute Video with Template


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everything I need can be done in an small amount of time that has an process to so for. Every Friday I record 10 minutes of un cut video. That the audio at the video roll are on separate tracks, the audio track is pre mixed in an professional digital mixer for band equipment. I master the audio here live., then I can send you three other clips, one of an go pro with that audio and video togehter and the intro for my logo premixed inserted between the first clip of the go pro before the logo comes in then the 10 minute track. the outro logo and audio remixed track i have. Overall with the files you need to do this it takes, 5 minutes to edit, if you can make an template for kdenlive in linux that is where i currently edit everything. I can setup an FTP where if you use ftp anywhere you can connect to my server where I have an dedicated server in the cloud., so it’s fast and easy to download future videos.

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DJ Crazy Jimmy

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My Recent Video’s I am releasing.

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