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Some buyers tricks


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Some buyers will ask for samples and if you mistakenly send original copies to them they would never come back. Some will go to an extent of asking about complete works and they will not come back, instead, they keep asking many sellers for samples until they will get what they want; “free gigs”. So as a seller, never you send original work to a buyer, make your sample readable but hard to edit or manipulate.

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Agree. I always send screenshots not actual files.

I don’t send samples anymore (I did when starting). If you do send something, be sure it’s missing something they need to make it actually work for them.

Since mine was VO, I always left something off, or intentionally skipped some words in the middle of the sample if they provided a script.

I told them: Since this is a sample, you understand why it’s incomplete. Once we have an order you’ll get the full version.

Sending completed work is simply an invitation for them to use it as is.

Also, after reaching a certain level, few ask for samples anymore. I have no idea if that applies to others, but if they aren’t sold from my existing body of work (my live portfolio, Soundcloud examples, and gig video), they are going to find someone else.

On the other hand, if they persist I will say, “I’ll do a sample for $5…”.

The legit buyers will invest something small like that.

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