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What will be your new gig In New year?


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Hi fiverrs,

I hope you all are having great time. Whats your plan In new year 2017.

I have no planning yet . Because Its waste of time for me to planning .

But Do you ever think about creating new gig ? What will be your new gig?

Thank you so much

All the best

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Sorry, I missed this 4-people party animal gem on the right-hand menu.

t*********m CzRkZFbUAAAg5-A.jpg:large

Fiverr (fiverr)

Thanks to all who attended our holiday parties in #NYC & #SF this week! Don't miss our #ATL meetup on Friday, 12/16. https://t.co/tasX8oW8oN

I have nothing further to add, m’lud. As always, ignore the PR, look at the mountain of “FIVERR Y U NO” messages under.

Santa Claws?

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