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The Most Common Mistakes Voiceover Buyers Make


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So you have a promo script for your awesome product or service, and you find the perfect Fiverr voiceover talent to record it. You place the order, upload your script, and wait excitedly for the recording. Your project is going to be great!

Then, you get the file…and it just wasn’t what you were expecting. Have you made one of the most common mistakes voiceover buyers make?

  1. Not having someone proofread your script

It sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many well-run organizations accidentally send out commercial or voiceover scripts that contain grammatical errors, too much copy for their specified time mark, or other mistakes.

These people aren’t stupid…they just didn’t take the time to have their copy checked! Everyone agrees that everyone ELSE needs their writing proofread…but many people don’t think THEIR copy needs it. But it does. And mine does too. 🙂

So before you waste valuable time on unnecessary revisions, make sure that at least 2 other coworkers/partners/trusted friends have checked your script for grammar, general wording, length, and offer or legal details.

ALSO: If English isn’t your first language, that’s okay! But maybe enlist the help of a Fiverr proofreader who can help your script read more effectively…or see if the Voiceover seller offers a Proofreading extra.

  1. Using vague, subjective descriptions of what you want it to sound like

Nearly every business wants their script to sound “conversational.” Most also want it to be “enthusiastic,” “energetic,” or “upbeat.” What they often don’t realize is that terms like these are very subjective. What seems “conversational” to one person often sounds quite different to someone else.

Our individual background, cultural surroundings, and personal experiences all shape how we perceive different voices. So if you’re giving your voice talent vague terms for how you want your script to be read, be aware that she or he might interpret your instructions differently than you envisioned.

Here’s what’s much more helpful to voice talents: What part of their demo did you really like? Also, most Voiceover sellers on Fiverr have their Live Portfolio right under their gig video, where you can listen to their most recent work. Was there a particular spot on their portfolio that grabbed you, and made you say, “THIS is our voice”? Great! Let them know. 🙂

When you identify which of their personal “tones” you like, and communicate that with your voice talent, it’s extremely helpful in getting the end product you want.

What other common pitfalls have you encountered (either as a buyer, or as a voiceover artist)? Let me know. I look forward to meeting and learning from you!

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