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What happened to Fiverr's youtube channel that showed more technical things?



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What happened to Fiverr's public YouTube channel (I don't mean this one https://www.youtube.com/@fiverr/videos)

I mean the public I think the channel was called "Fiverr Culture" that had staff doing talks and didn't show anything confidential and had videos like "Fiverr Data Drive Meet-up" and "Fiverr Talks: Content Moderation at Fiverr", "Fiverr Talks: Shifting Search into Deep Learning", "Fiverr Talks: Detecting Suspicious Purchases on Fiverr".

Surely some of the bit more in-depth things they talked about could be useful to sellers (eg. some are probably a bit more technical than some of the webinars) and might be something that could be linked to from the Fiverr webinars (eg. the deep learning one could be related to the AI webinars so they could link to that).

What were the reasons for it being removed? Was it just that they didn't want to keep having to update it or that they wanted it more staff only or didn't want to have to translate it?

Will it be made available again?

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