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I don\'t get any messages from past few days! What should I do?


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Hello Experts!

I am having the issue for past few days that I don’t get any messages from few days.
I stay online for like 10-16 hours a day but still I don’t get any good attraction.
On average I get around 10-20 new messages a month, which is decreasing more now-a-days.

I’ve 200+ 5Star ratings but still my conversion is getting lower and lower.
Many sales are coming from old clients now-a-days.

Here is my 2 most selling gigs:

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi Arup!
I’m having the same issue.

I was just like you, my average was 5 new messages per day, my record is only positive reviews, now it’s been 3 weeks with no new messages.
Luckily I’ve made a good job so far so my old clients keeping coming back and that’s still keeping me busy for now.
But that’s pretty much it for me.


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Hey friend, it seems that fiverr has advertising periods (I believe), which advertise in certain places at certain times. Meaning when they do advertise you will get a ton of messages and attraction, and when they do not, or advertise much less, less people will be on the site and less will message you.

It is only a short period, the message will come back in a few days 🙂

Hope this helps !


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Thanks for your reply everyone.

Now here I am after 6 months. Still no good.
I now don’t think its with my gig now. I am receiving messages after few days now. I’ve tried editng/updating everything but no good.

Really upset. 😦 about this.

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