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  1. Just start reading some topics and discussion to improve your gig impression etc.
  2. Thanks, Andrew for sharing your story, I really inspired and happy to see your success, keep it up!!
  3. Thanks for sharing wink: I am also on the way can’t wait to achieve 1k review 😍
  4. Okay, thanks for sharing 🙂 so its means everyone can become partner a of affiliated program?
  5. Hi, I have a quick question: Can I join the Fiverr affiliate program as well as selling at Fiverr at the same time?
  6. I can confirm, its fixed now for me 😄
  7. Yes, same thing is happening to my account, it seems like they are doing some live update.
  8. Yes, exactly same with me, my profile picture is not same and my withdrawal money is not showing?
  9. Hey guys, I have some outstanding incomplete orders that not yet been started what should I do with them? Do you also have incomplete orders share your experience? Many thanks Jenny
  10. Hello, I am wondering about tax for Pakistani seller, can anyone confirm that Pakistani Freelancer has to pay Tax or not? There is the scenario that home remittance is not taxable income in Pakistan?
  11. Okay, It’s mean the story is just tarting now for me 😂
  12. rubi_mughal Yeah, that’s what they told me, so did you receive that kind of messages yet?
  13. I have received a message from customer care that my account is being reviewed for TRS but after 24 hours they stated that they decided that I will remain the Level 2 seller? Anyone having the same issue? I have completed all the requirements which are required for TRS but they email me will consider and review next month?
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