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My name is Mariana and appaaaaaarently I’ve created my Fiverr account in 2013…? But I don’t remember doing it so scratch that and pretend I just opened my account today. Which is basically what happened.
Anywho, just posted some gigs on what I do and I’d love it if you guys could take a look, check it out and stuff.
Looking forward to meeting new people, both customers and fellow artists!


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Hello Mariana,

Welcome back! 🙂

I saw your gigs and they require some modifications in order to get the impressions and visits on Fiverr.

1st Gig (Draw you awesome things)
It would be great if you can be specific as to what things you can draw. Like illustrations, water painting, 3d drawings, etc. People would search using those terms and not using awesome things. 🙂

2nd Gig (2d Animation)
Gig title is okay. However, you can cut off the last ‘for you’ and try to include another keyword which people might search for.

General tips:

  1. include a video in your gig gallery.
  2. user Fiverr search to check for keywords.
  3. lower your prices as compared to other sellers in order to get your first break.

There are a lot of discussion going on getting sales and improve on Fiverr. I would suggest you to go through those discussions on Fiverr Forum. Also one more good source of information is Fiverr Academy.

Hope this helps 🙂
All the best.

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