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I've just joined fiverr as a writer and


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Hi everyone! I’ve just joined fiverr as a content writer (anything from articles to custom poetry at the moment) and I have a few questions. If you yourself are a writer here on fiverr what has been your experience so far? Also, what sort os gigs as a writer should I be selling?

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I’m pretty new myself (a few weeks old) but am lucky enough to have a few orders finished/ongoing. It’s been pretty good, although I’m still debating whether I should start raising prices, since I work a full-time job and putting a lot of effort in for a little money might not be worth it for me.
My writing gigs are short story writing, article/blog post writing. I also do editing, proofreading, and transcription work.
Sending offers in the buyer’s request section has been really helpful for me personally. Just try to ignore all the spamming sellers, get in there, and use up your 10 daily offers!
Hope this was useful. Good luck!

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