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My main Fiverr gig disappeared from search. Help


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My main Fiverr gig, with 47 5-star reviews has completely vanished from the search. I believe this happened today after I updated the description.

I updated another gig and the same exact thing happened, instant vanishing.

I have done nothing but conduct business professionally and to the customer satisfaction and now my main gig is not searchable by anybody.

Is this a glitch and do you guys think it will come back tomorrow? I already contacted Fiverr regarding this issue, no reply as of yet.

I am really hoping this gets fixed.

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Hi, I faced the same problem for hours.
I was in the first result for months when someone searched for ‘flipbook’ in search box.

But after updating one of my new gigs, fiverr asked me to edit the content category/subcategory.
I did the work and got the new gig approved after some hours. But then, my well resulted main gig didn’t appear in any related search results. Gig impressions were good and didn’t have any negative feedbacks. It looked like something went wrong after updating a new one.

Finally, I decided to contact fiverr support center and got the problem solved. So, I think best to contact them providing your details if you still face the same problem.
John Smith,

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