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Do I report a profile that I suspect is fake?


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Hi people.

I bought a gig recently from some seller (I believe it’s not allowed to post names here) and it was late (like 5 am) and I was in a hurry so I didn’t check said sellers profile completely. Only the gig and then messaged it (yes it) with what I needed and we got a deal (I didn’t bargain - just wanted to be sure that it can deliver on time) so I went back to the gigs page and bought the gig with a couple of extras.

After some time I got the delivery and I thought to myself: “OK. This was pretty fast - I think I’m gonna even give it a tipp”. But then I saw the result and it was complete garbage.

I was very short on time but I went online and checked that sellers profile and what I saw was very strange. But since I didn’t have the time to deal with it I went ahead and asked for a revision. I knew that it wouldn’t be able to deliver anything even close to what it promised but I it was a new seller (just like me) with about 7 reviews so I thought I might give it a chance. Maybe it will realize its mistake and outsource the job to someone (online or offline) who can do it decently (at least this is what I would have done if I saw that I’m not gonna be able to deliver what I promised).

I even checked what was delivered, left a few comments on the work that was delivered to make it clear (politely) to it that it had delivered garbage.

Anyway, it redelivered the work. It was garbage again so I accepted the offer and left a review according to the experience I had with it and the quality of work it delivered.

So my question now is do I, as a fiver user, have to report that seller (with what I believe is a complete false and highly misleading profile) to fiver support or is this stuff only meant to be done by mods? And if I do report it how exactly can I do that? Just click the report button on the messages it sent me or do I contact Customer Support directly?

Thanks for reading.

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I fear I can´t give any competent advice to you there, surely someone who knows better will come by, but I was just wondering how to report someone who announced on the BR section just now, as I can´t click their profile before I send an offer (Or is there any way to find out who they are? I haven´t found it yet) so leaving a related question here for that competent person:

It´s someone who wants to ‘sell my translation account with 50 reviews’ or something like that - that would be grossly unfair to other translators and can´t possibly be allowed, or?

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Guest capitalquality

Best thing to do is contact customer support if you have a concern. They’re pretty sharp on the trust policies.

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I saw that one user trying to sell her profile. She’s gone now.

As for the ‘it’ part, I can’t be sure but somehow my gut tells me that there’s a male behind that woman’s name.

But the more important question here is why didn’t I come across your gig back then?!! I was looking for someone like you.

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Oh dear, poor me, it´s still one of only 2 BR showing on my tab LoL.
Aww, such a pity, you sound like someone who is not ‘that kind of buyer’ everyone is complaining about 😉 I´m pretty new on fiverr, so no wonder you didn´t see my gig probably, search seems to be a very fickle thing, at least it seems almost useless to me when I do tests, if I click myself through writing&translation > translation > from English > to German, which is pretty as straightforward as it gets, the top results are:
2x english-french
ah, #6 actually is english-german, not bad so far…

but you get my point…

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I guess you can´t expect much from someone who´ll just go and try to sell a ‘profile with 50 reviews’ to another (wannabe) translator, not any respect for their customers in the first place (neither for the future ones of the account buyer, who´ll bite for the, maybe even fake, reviews, nor for their own past ones, selling your account means selling your private conversations with your customers, for God’s sake!)
But I´m glad you said it´s gone now, so I guess CS reacted to either my or someone else’s report. 🙂

I think chances that something like this will work out for ‘seller’ and ‘buyer’, are slim to none, but if the first person who sees that offer, replies, and nobody saw it, or reported it, it might work perhaps.
It´s not good if something like that is up for long either way - might push people who didn´t even get that idea before on dark paths LoL.

I just hope whatever bug messes with my BR is gone again soon,

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