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Well...hi! :)


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I´ve already posted in a few interesting threads I saw, but guess I can still say hello as I´m still new here 🙂

A friend showed me fiverr - it seemed like an interesting thing, and here I am. I´m taking it easy for now and play around with the site, look at all the settings and try to find out what the heck I´m doing, or should do, or shouldn´t do 😉
Yeah, and dig through the ‘Academy’ and the forum, such a mountain of useful and interesting and necessary things to know.

Forums like this always are a big help for newbs in any place, and I want to tell everyone who writes in the forum, welcomes new people, shares their experiences, gives tips, lightens the atmosphere with banter and jokes and so on and on:


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Liebes Tagebuch, heute, am 31. Oktober 2016, hörte ich eine Fanfare und erhielt eine Depesche mit der Nachricht, ich sei nun Level 1-Seller!

Level 1, yay!

So, und eine E-Mail, die mir sagt, was ich jetzt alles mehr machen kann, auf deutsch…
…Senden Sie höhere Preisvoranschläge …
grinst okay…

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The phone notification verification almost made me miss my 99th review 🎈 just holding a brief minute of silence here in my place to ponder my time here because it´s a more fun number than 100 will be 😉 for Anna.

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