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Buyer requests section should be upgraded or change notification way


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Hi all fiverrs!

How are you all?

Here is my suggestion for the buyers requests section!

You can check the attached image? See how many response for each buyer request and still increasing but buyers don’t response or hired any one yet.

Bigger numbers of responses made it clear that no one get the job yet that’s why too many responses but no job.

Are you thinking that these buyers are fake or buyer requests are fake?


these buyers and buyer requests are all real.

But why someone did not get the job yet and response numbers are increasing.

Here i will tell you that this buyer request section is easy for buyers to post the request but very difficult for the buyers to get notifications.


Some days ago i added a request in the buyer section and i was waiting for any response but i did not get any. Really ? I was waiting that responses will be shown in my top notifications and i will response but i waited 2 days and got nothing blinking my notification icon ( left side of messages icon)

after 3 days i went back to post another offer in requests section ( I thought that there is some error with existing offer) and i saw another button “Manage requests” I click that button and was shocked, There were some responses waiting for me to get attention.

I realize that I was working from 2 years on fiverr site and i was waiting notifications in proper notification area So how new buyers can get the notifications soon to response…

that’s why number of responses increasing and seller don’t got any job till buyer go back accidentally to buyer section and see the responses.

I remember those simple days and lot of sales 😦 of my friends when fiverr was so simple for the buyer and sellers and it was the biggest reason to come they buyers here again and again.


Fiverr show change they way of getting notification for they buyers. They should get the blinking pink dot over notification icon as we got for new orders.

this way buyer immediately can see responses and can answer the responses or choose any seller to handover the job.

This way Number of responses will not increased and every one will get the job instead wasting his all 10 chances of response to buyers requests daily…

Now i will put some light on the buyers requests math.

there are 7046 active requests for my gig types. I can saw 20 to 150 responses for every request. Let spouse that every offer got 30 responses.

7046x30= 211380

So think it hard or easy for getting job, that buyers are 7 thousand and sellers responses are more than 2 lac.
I am not saying that there are less buyers on fiverr. buyer are in a great numbers. But i am talking about only for buyer requests section. Only a little amount of buyers us the buyer requests section all other are ordering direct on gigs.

If the notification way will be changed for they buyer it will increase the speed of work and also on time happy buyers will go back and can bring more buyers with them same repeated and day will come soon when there will be enough jobs on fiverr for each and every one.

See image here and think way of buyers notification changed will put a magical impact.

Simply make this easy to buyers to get the notifications. (every one don’t check the email the come to fiverr) An if you will mouse over on the notification icon your will see the tool tip text " Notifications" So all the buyers and new buyer waiting to appear something in this Notification icon after submitting the request in buyer requests section.

Please fiverr your are great please change the way of notification for the buyer’s about buyers requests section.

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some buyers asking for 24 hours turnaround time but they are getting 100 response and they can’t give the job because until they get familiar with notification system 24 hours sometimes 42 hours passed.
Same thing happened with me when i posted my request in the buyer request.

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I agree with you, abidagfx. I’m a first-time Buyer and I’m shocked at how muddled the site is! I have found TWO separate areas to Chat with my Buyer and they don’t overlap; I didn’t find the 2nd for awhile and didn’t know my Seller had tried to send me the 1st installment of the gig. Also, any page I go to seems to assume I’m a Seller and wants me to fill out my Seller information. Someone tell me, has Fiverr always been this disorganized?

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