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How to rank your video up?


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With a boom in technology, video creation is no longer a complex

process. There are many sites that can be used to create video automatically and posting the

video on web has various benefits to the businesses wanting to make money online.

In today’s world people always search information on something or the other thing, and they

would always prefer to watch a video rather than reading a long content which will take 15 to

20 minutes to read, whereas video will give that same information in 2 to 3 minutes. People

want do all the things fast and so video advertising of your product or business or brand or

of any other content will convey the important points in very little time and is always more

effective than text.

One of the best benefits of video advertising is that it will help you reach millions on

people in a very short time. The good thing about video is it can be placed anywhere on the

internet and not just only your website. There are many websites that viewers tend to search

for information and websites such as YouTube, and Vimeo gets millions of clicks per day.

Promoting your video on more video sites will also help your video to rank on the top of the

search engine result pages which will help your business or brand or product to get instant

exposure to millions of potential customers.

Just think, someone is looking for the type of service and product that you are into on search

engine and at that time all of a sudden your video pops up in front of their screen. What will

happen next, they will instantly click on it for further information

If you want promote video on video sites and you are looking for someone to do this work for

you and at reasonable price then you should take a look at Fiverr. A seller Rekin4561 provides

the service of promoting your video on more than 500 video sites.

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So you’re promoting another seller. This seller is from the same country as you (Poland) and you are using a fake photo (reverse search it on Google, pops up as a lot of stuff in Polish, I assume some royal or celeb or something, I don’t know), your account is fairly new (March 2016) and you offer the same gigs as the seller you are promoting in your post.

I’m gonna assume that you are both of these profiles and thus your post is just a marketing attempt, which is silly, because buyers won’t buy from you just because you post on the forum. In fact, it’s mostly sellers here on the forum.

Anyway, I think this should just be marked as Spam. At the very least, the username presented should be redacted.

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I thought I wouldn’t be posting on this but I’ll take time to do so now. Your headline says “How to rank your video”, however, throughout the post you have only talked about benefits of using video.

Not wasting anymore time for other readers. I totally agree with @myskillsforsale this could be marked as spam by fiverr authorities.

To the starter of this topic or anyone who feels enthusiastic about self marketing. Please remember that fiverr has given this platform to contribute and do some sort of value addition to all (or most) instead of self promotion. Please do not exploit and misuse the freedom fiverr has given to you.


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