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Is now exactly the wrong time to add and tweak?

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I’m thinking of making some changes to my gigs like adding some, updating some and so on, but I’m wary enough of random downtime and glitches when there aren’t site-wide changes happening.

Has anyone had any better or worse luck lately when adjusting things?

Thanks in advance!

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Anytime is a good time to add gigs! 🙂 As far as changing current gigs, it’s always good to review your current arrangement for any improvements. You need to be current with your offerings. You may start a gig with one specific purpose and realize that you’re getting orders for similar requests, but might have a specific niche. You might be able to increase your sales by moving your gig category to reflect the type of orders you are fulfilling through it.

For instance, when we started our jingle gig, it was posted in the custom song section. We wanted to write original music for people and didn’t want to be restricted to only “jingles” for business. The orders were coming through, but we realized that most were actually for business jingles. We decided to move forward and reassign our gig to the “jingles” category and we doubled our order frequency in a couple of days! We found our niche!

You should also revisit your keywords and change them around from time to time to see if it makes a difference. As you gain more experience working your current gigs, you will gain more knowledge about how your niche works, even if you didn’t realize you even had a niche!

To prevent extended down times, be sure to plan your changes ahead of time and get all of your content together before updating them, that way you can minimize your time off the grid.

Hope this helps!



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