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Best Tip for Beginners


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Hello guys, my name is Shem and I am new to the forums!

However, I am not new to Fiverr as I have been doing Hebrew - English translations for a few months now. Anyway, enough about me. You are probably eager to hear about my tip which is perhaps the best one I can give to beginners who are just starting on Fiverr and has yet to get an order from a buyer.

My tip is very simple, and it goes like this; when you are starting a gig you probably have competition already, the best way to stand out from your competition is to provide something that your competition does not provide. The easiest example I can give is to start your gig very cheap compare to your competition and as you gain clients and reviews you can up your price and people will still come to you because you already gained reputation on the site. I used this method in translating, at the start I made it so I charge $5 per 500 words so I was one of the cheapest options available but after getting around 50 orders I changed it and now I charge $5 per 350 which has increased my profit by 30% or decreased the time I have to work by 30%, depends on how you look at it. And yes, for those wondering, I still get buyers despite this change, perhaps even more than beforehand haha.

Another example is to provide extra services for free and once you get orders going you can make it cost money. These are just two examples but you get the main idea, you need to stand out and be unique in order to get your first buyer!

TL;DR - You need stand out and be unique in order to get your first buyer. Otherwise, why would someone choose you over someone with plenty of reviews and reputation?

Thank you for reading my tip and hopefully it helped some of you! I would love to know what you think about it and if you have any other tips for beginners on Fiverr please comment down below and I will read every comment you guys post 🙂

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