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Best Practice: One Way To Attract A Larger Audience. It’s Simple!


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Hi everyone, I am excited to share with you one of the “many” great tricks to gaining the interest of a larger audience, as well as driving sales.

You may be wondering what could be new. Perhaps, it is something you’re already doing, whereas for some it just might be an added advantage towards building that committed audience to what they do.

Here it is: “Always be in the habit of providing support and valuable tips to solving people’s problems in your area of expertise”. Yes! It’s that simple. Think of Facebook, Twitter, Howwestarted, etc. as social channels where you can get started, while introducing to them your service plans on Fiverr.

Surprisingly as common as it may sound, most people oftentimes overlook it. But that’s where the trick is, the huge secret behind this simple act is not just in the attraction of a larger audience, but also the retention of repeat / community of advocates for your cause, brand or service (here in terms of Fiverr).

I know majority of you Level 1, Level 2, Top Rated Sellers, even New sellers have many tricks up your sleeves in getting potential buyers for your service, but in my honest opinion, just wanted to share one of mine. 🙂

Experience they say has a way of pinning that lesson to your memory forever. So keep learning, and keep exploring new markets.

Have Fun 🙂

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