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I realized, buyers requesrs are


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Social media marketing, wading through BR to find the few good ones, finding off-Fiverr forums and chat rooms with your audience. The last one is very effective but takes time.

If your gigs are knitting classes, maybe you find forums and chats for crafters. You don’t join their communities and advertise immediately. You get to know them, give them advice or just friendship, etc. After they know you, you can start using a signature with your gigs or mentioning especially sales just for them (read their community rules) and over time you can end up with lots of interested acquaintances and repeated buyers.

They will also recommend you to their friends and in it goes. This method is often ignored by new sellers because you can rush it, but if you do it right, it can snowball. It does work.

Edit: (Knitting is an example. I guarantee for every interest, hobby or talent, there are groups online for that niche. You just have to find them.)

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