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Have you been hacked On Fiverr lately?


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what is going on? Why is Fiverr contacting me? Why me? Have I done something wrong? Is my gig finally being ranked high? These and many more must have the thoughts running through your mind when you saw the influx of spammed messages in your inbox lately.

Just so you know, the messages you got are most likely from hackers, who are looking to wipe you account clean if you happen to fall for their trick.

Let me tell you how this works. They send you something interesting - with a link. You are expected to click on the link. Once you do that, you have allowed them into your record file on fiverr server. If you go a step further to give them your email, you have grated them full access to your account. If you happen o have a balance left in your account, it will disappear.

If you have taken any of the aove steps, the following are what you can do :

  1. Contact Fiverr CS
  2. Change your fiverr email and password
  3. Make certain your password is nothing like your old one, but can be remembered by you
  4. Include special characters such as !,*,^,# etc in your new password

I hope this helps.


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