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Protect your self from revision scammers and example scammers


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after reading this post i thought i might aswell just make a post
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Fiverr support only with buyer

i have discussed project with one person and cost was 100usd. we agree on question i did the work and deliver after 20 hour work. then he want modification i did that too. after 3 modification he ask for refund i refuse because i already did 30+...

I will not write mega lines of text to explain everything that wil or might confuse you il make it simple as i can.

scammer tricks
1: can you show me some examples.
2: revision spammers and scammers.

Your Protection
Keeping a logged transcript is the main part in this process so be carfull what you say , in private message , all we want is buy to say yes he is happy with the results , reviision shown.
this wll help get your money back from fiverr support you have super strong chance to win because you have it in black and white the buyer said his happy and he wants the work handed to him.

prevention simple trick.
always make a snapshot jpeg image of your work and send it to buy as attachment let him have a look at the jpeg snapshot and tell him , does this look ok now just get him to say yes , make sure you tell him anything in your words but get him to say yes and then tell him its final and your sending the main files.

after that just add your notes
thanks for bla bla bla rate me .

this works 100% bullet proof.

i have learnt this my self i can pick these scammers up so fast they get lost.

ALways make sure
1:send jpeg snapshot of changes you made let him look at it
2: ask him if this is ok its that ok now ? get him to say yes.
3: send him the file and say bye.

now that you have all his message in private message saying he is satisfied you have stronger chance winning this battle for your money.

Please check out my gigs if you like it thanks.

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