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I want to ask about a buyer asking for more revisions after 10-12 days of order that was automatically marked as complete after so many revisions…i told him that I will charge more for the revision now and he said that you provide me unlimited revisions…i said unlimited revisions is for particular order…not for the lifetime…still I agreed to do that if the revisions he asked for will be the final one but he said that he is not sure that the revisions are final revisions…

In that case will.the CS will be in my favour or can he still rate me as I am sure it will be negative…

I know offering unlimited revisions is a great risk but I have to take the risk as I tried to offer the limited revisions in the middle and result was no orders…So have to offer unlimited revisions…But there must be some limitations…and its not for the lifetime… The buyers must understand that…

Just want to know what CS act in this whole matter? Will it affect my rating?

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