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Don't panic new sellers. Jobs for everyone!

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I am referring to the new users and sellers here on fiverr. I am considered as an old seller so I feel that I have the experience to give an advice or too to the new sellers here.
I see new people coming to fiverr asking how to get their first sale as I did in the past aswell. They also get panicked ,like I did, because they are in the website but there is no sale. “WHY?” they ask their selves. The answer is simple. You are chasing it more than you should. I agree you must fight to earn some money but if you over do it you’ll end up losing the customers , the hiring opportunities etc. Also you are losing the opportunity to bargain in jobs. I will explain what I mean shortly.
What you should do is make a professional profile here on fiver make some good looking gigs (As I am old here you can contact me and I will let you know if your profile looks good or not.) and make sure you are changing something every 2 days without a customer. If you get one customer then it means you are doing something good. The most important thing in order to achieve a sale is “If I was a buyer and I were looking into my gig or profile would I buy it?” . If the answer is yes then you are in a good path. Try reaching friends asking their opinion. Do some changes try new stuff. Before that of course you should have used the correct tags. I used to find keywords on google ad words to see how a buyer searches for services I offer. Taking under consideration all those I mentioned and beyond all feel relaxed you can achieve some sales.
About the part in the first paragraph about “Don’t chase work too much”. I mean that if I am a buyer and I see one seller desperate for work and some others that have many sales and is more relaxed there are 2 possible attitudes. The first one is to give the job to you and help you out. The second one and most commonly according my experience is to choose the guy with experience. This seller looks more professional and more experienced ,that of course you can’t change it fast. Additionally, this seller is more calm and he is more patient. New desperate sellers tend to be nervous and send many many messages and confuse the seller. Even if someone chooses you there is a big chance that this person will detect your luck of job and make you work for hours and hours for a few dollars.

To sum up I believe you should be professional ,serious ,calm and offer buyers the need to hire you 😉

Don’t forget if you need me to give an advice or two for your profile and gigs send a message in fiverr 🙂
Hope I made you calm a bit!

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Good informations @aggelosmariospa.

Some more informations added to this,

Till getting your first order, try to be online as much as hours you can. It will increase the possibilities to get your order.

And regularly check the forum, other sellers discussions will give you motivation and some good ideas too.

I got my first order using these two way only.

Rajeshkannan Palvannan

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