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My Fiverr Story


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Fiverr is really something that happened by chance for me. I wanted a graphic designer to design a flyer for Math Week at the school where I work. In the back of my mind I remembered that I had seen an ad about Fiverr as the perfect place to find graphic designers. So, I came onto the site and hired a designer.

Prior to hiring this designer I had been working on ******** as a freelancer. Since ******* changed from *******, however, I haven’t had any real success with it. So, my freelancer career was beginning to die. Out of curiosity, I began navigating the Fiverr website and I realized that I could sell my services here. The rest is history. I have stuck with it and in four months I have achieved a level 2 seller status.

I think Fiverr is the best freelancing website available. Instead of you having to bid consistently and hope for the best, buyers find you. Once your gig is well-designed and well-written you’re bound to get clients. It is the perfect place to truly establish your brand as a freelancer.

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