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I have a great gigs but no sales


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Hey ! I have many gigs in different niches but I got only one order I made a lot of effort to change tags pics and videos and still no orders I didn’t share my gigs in social media because my friends don’t even know fiverr so it is a bit useless . is there any good forums that I can share in them or so useful Facebook groups I can post in them .
I have I can get help !

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Broken English. Incorrect punctuation.

Unclear what you are offering in your “logo” gig which says “I will design an AWSOME Logo for you” and you have a confusing logo >animation< as the first thing to click on. What is that for?

Next is an image of a group of logos that leads back to this:

t*********m CMwEyAyUsAA5lLk.jpg:large

نيوميديا (new_midi)

من اعمالنا تصميم شعارات لمؤسسات اجنبيه #شعارات #انفوجرافيك #موشن_جرافيك #بروشورللطلب التصميم واتس اب0558341440

So, did you design these logos in 2012 under the name “The Art Of Design Services” or did you copy that image, bring it to fiverr and try to pass it off as your own work?

Now, the second image of the black and white logo…sure, you may have done that one yourself. The third, have my doubts.

Fiverr may be a place where a lot of people scam other people out of their money by selling other people’s work but I don’t think you are going to have much success trying to start out this way.

If you have some sort of talent that you can do yourself…stick to that.

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Guest backlinks_index

Looking facebook group outside your country. For example in the United States with the target market overseas

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