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How to start on Fiverr


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Hey guys,
here are my tips for newcomers:

  1. Create your profile and first gig on Fiverr when you have time. Do it when you are on vacation, time-off from work, spending a few weeks home etc… This will allow you to surf through Fiverr and get a glimpse of what is happening.
  2. Once your profile and gig are created, check what other sellers are doing in your category and create to offer more or a cheap price. The goal here is to attract clients not to earn.
  3. Building your clients base is difficult but you have to play the game. If you keep on been the cheapest one in your category, you will book your first clients. Remember to use your daily 10 offers when checking your categories.
  4. At this stage, you have earned your Level 1. Which means that new clients are coming and returning clients are placing more orders. While tracking your success, send offers to your returning clients (think about the extra you will be giving them for free). Your goal here is to get to the next LEVEL.
  5. At this point, you need to check again what the other sellers are offering and adjust your gigs to start earning according to your work quality but not too high. Check what other gigs are available in your category and find those you can offer and create more gigs. You should be rewriting your profile, your gigs, offers etc… Educate yourself through the Academy where experienced sellers share tips etc.
  6. At this stage, you must be comfortable using your profile, contacting your clients, sending offers to buyers according to their requests. Now that you have returning clients, the buyers requests become your new niche to find at least a client per day.
  7. With all the efforts, you must be getting close to get Level 2 status. Check your profile on a daily basis if you can. Reply to your emails, check buyers requests, use the search button in your categories, try to add more categories to your gigs etc…
  8. After you have followed the above tips, you must have you Level 2 status by now. It is now time to do some research and start making the real price for your products regardless of the market value. You will lose clients but you will gain new clients. In order to start earning more while working less, you will have to add packages to gigs. Check what the others sellers are offering and try to surpass them in your offer if you can. Believe in your prices and quality and let the clients find you. As for your old clients, keep them but low the skills or the contents of your gig. This way, they will either start ordering the new gig or keep ordering the old one with lower contents and longer deadline.
  9. Now it is the moment you start thinking about your gigs as a company. Think about your strategy, check the competition, check your competence, rebrand yourself by using other sellers to building your brand around Fiverr and outside Fiverr.
  10. Now you can relax while sipping your coffee! Good luck!


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