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Gig denied - Create gmail account |Where is contact email to fiver.com


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Hi sorry about this post but i don’t find email contact .

My gig is denied because:

Your gig may violate the terms of a third-party service or website. Third party ???

Denied is offer "The creation gmail account"

I now google don’t like this but i see here on fiver.com many many more violante gig and i don’t see nothing problem of this gig, why my gig is denied ? I hope no because i’m from Poland now? but please people tell me where i violante? Very thanks

Ps. Realy sorry for my english but i learn 94 days this language now and i need more days to better tooking this language.Sory for next 90 day i speak perfect .

Good Day 🙂


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Hi ok thanks i dont’t now where i have eyes 🙂

What you think about sell service available “register google account” on fiver.com i really violante Terms fiver ?

I look for terms first of course but i don’t see problem about my gig , mayby i mistake my english is very poor now.

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Thanks you vedmak

I think if people sell auto tweet , facebook fanpage building automation also for gmail account is not problem .But i see fiver not prohibits that offer 🙂 and in other services i success sell that’s account.

But ok, now i what is possible and what is not possible on fiver.com.I think google monitoring fiver and fiver scare to google down position fiver.com site . Ok i understand now

Thanks for resposnse people i like people from west every time try help 🙂

Good day and success all Fiver user

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