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How to converse politely with your customer


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It is extremely essential to have a powerful business etiquette that will surely lure the potential buyer to order your gig. Most of the buyers want to talk with the sellers before they order a gig, and this is surely what I would most likely do before I handle the control of the task to other person. I agree that it’s difficult to differ among the sellers, as you may not know them at first, but the initial impression is what actually matters. I’ve been on Fiverr for couple of years and I believe that I have gained many faithful customers by being polite and serviceable, without losing my own “pride” and attitude. Here’s how you should most certainly approach the customer:

  1. Be sure to greet the customer

By saying simple “greetings”, “hello” or “dear (insert name)”, you are showing that you are ready to work, confident about the future task and formal. The formal approach is the key to a good start and it most likely looks like writing someone a letter, or e-mail. Be sure to greet the customer as the potential buyer may find this quite intriguing, giving you a great start for the future task.

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask question

Sellers who ask questions about the task show that they are interested in offer. By asking the questions, buyers will know that you are interested and that you would like to have as many information as possible. In addition, this will make your task on Fiverr a lot easier, as you would know the customer’s wishes. Be sure to ask, but try not to confuse the customer. Few well-coined sentences are quite fine.

  1. Be brief but efficient

You need to present yourself in just few sentences, because buyer won’t be much interested in your story, but what can you actually offer. With few questions and couple of affirmative sentences, you can allow the customer to converse with you easily. Tell them that you are interested in the task and ready to start whenever the customer wishes. The conversation is a key to the success!

  1. Always end your first message with this…

… Best regards, (insert name). By ending your statement with your personal name or nickname, you are showing to your customer that the whole business task is also personal. Even though you are a real person, you are just a simple figure on the internet, so you need to bring the soul into your virtual character. This way, you will show your customer that the real human will perform the work and that a stranger, such as your customer, may trust you from the beginning to the very end.

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By saying simple “greetings”, “hello” or “dear

Never call anyone “dear”. It is totally inappropriate.

You are strangers and yet calling someone you don’t know and are sending a business message to “dear” seems naive, unprofessional and cheap, as if you are trying to pretend you have a very close relationship with someone even though you don’t know them, just to try to make them think you like them. It is very annoying.

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