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Experience a new seller!


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Hello! I have recently become a seller on Fiverr and want to share their impressions with the new merchant. For experienced traders selling their services far from sellers starting problems.
I will tell the way. On Fiverr I signed up 24 days ago. I placed 3 projects and received the first order, I carried it out .Zakazchiku liked my work in 10 days, and he wanted to do another job with another text. I performed it for free, that would have to thank me, he made a second order, and thus of the three works I received two payments. All were satisfied. He got more than he expected, and in exchange there were two sales and 100% positive feedback. But then no sales. According to statistics, I observe that the views 500 Conversion 0.4% in this crazy earnings really can die of hunger!
No free way to market on Fiverr not for new sellers. Buyers Club where you could come to the beginner and offer their services either. One hope in the casino or not shoot. It’s not like business. It’s more like a game fall will not fall. Business is when you can look for a buyer for the special site. If you do not know where to look for a buyer is not a business - it’s a game of cat and mouse. See you or the buyer does not see!
Maybe I’m wrong and there are new sellers, who managed to earn $ 200 for the first or even the second month? Your success strategy! Or simply share your story on Fiverr earnings in the first half of the year. Maybe I just do not offer what you need customers? Or do not do it prailno? See my profile and give your answer - what did I do wrong?
Share your experiences do not be silent if Fiverr to see how many new sellers can not earn, he will think about what you can do for the development and promotion of new sellers. It can make for them a separate area with templates for running orders? Opera in which it will be possible to pass on the total. Write to friends do not be silent! And then here we can really make something!

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It would make no sense to have extra special treatment for new sellers. As it is they get a platform to work on with no initial cost. You need to work hard. To be honest, what you offer does not seem to be either better or cheaper than other sellers who have lots of reviews so I can understand why buyers would not take a chance on you.
You talk about how the clients you had got more than they expected and were satisfied but remember that there are people who have completed hundreds and thousands of orders with 100% positive reviews.
Finally, your English in this post is difficult to understand, I suggest you try using shorter sentences and keeping the words simple. Russian is a difficult language to translate and so I imagine it is difficult for you to say what you mean clearly. Short sentences will work better for you.
Fiverr is not an easy place to make money but if you take it seriously, work hard and have patience it will get better. I am a seller for less than 6 months and at the moment I have had to go on “vacation mode” because I have too many orders, you can get there too but it takes time.

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Hello, I’m happy to see a seller from Russia! Since you asked what is wrong that you do not get sales I will give you my opinion:

  1. I agree that your English needs improvement
  2. Your gig offering the video is not one that will attract many buyers. Take a look around at other gigs that sell videos. They have more than a big letter turning back and forth.

I hope you will continue at fiverr and try to find more things to offer that buyers want. The one with the video of the letter may not be something many will buy.

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