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A minor imperfection with the watermark feature


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Hi Folks,

Even though the new watermark feature is good, I have noticed that buyers can download all attached files that may have been delivered prior to a modification request being sent.

For example: If you deliver an image file for a buyer, the buyer can ask for a modification.
You do the modification and deliver the work again. The buyer now has access to both the first file delivered and the modified file after they leave their review.

It would have been better if we sellers could have deleted the first delivered file before we delivered again, but this is not possible at the moment.

Because of this new watermark feature, I would deliver an image, thinking that if the buyer needs a modification or doesn’t like what I did, they would not be able to use the first delivered file because of the watermark, but I was wrong.

Now, if a buyer is less than honest, they can simply say they don’t like the work and make you do something different, when in fact they may very well be looking to squeeze all they can out of a $5 Gig. (just saying)

I’ll stick to sending a jing screen shot with my own watermark first, and asking if the buyer they approve before I deliver, just so I don’t see my work that was “not good enough” all over the internet 🙂 .

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