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Script for white board animation?


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You can hire all kinds of white board animators and script writers through the main Fiverr page. Someone might give you a consultation for a fee. Sellers cannot advertise their gigs to you in this section and they also cannot display example work in this forum category.

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We haven’t chatted before so I can’t send you a PM, but feel free to contact me if you need any help with whiteboard script writing. 🙂

It’s pretty simple - depends on what you’re looking for. But basically, it’s something like this:

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Yes, but that’s not your work, is it? I can find it word for word on page 12 of this document: http://doodle-labs.s3.amazonaws.com/reports/ScriptGuideandTemplate.pdf

In fact, I would wager it belongs to David Kyte who wrote a bunch of “done for you” scripts. http://doodle-labs.com/

Now, that could be you, but given the weird formatting, I’d say it’s 99% certain this is lifted from the PDF–and although I can’t be sure, I think that PDF may well be part of the offer on the landing page.

If you will use other people’s words, please source them. It’s dishonest to tout for business using this method, and not especially smart when it takes about 2 minutes to uncover it with a cursory search.

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It’s possible, which is why I mentioned it could be him (as in he is one of those guys), but why would you then present your script so poorly? The profile pic was also interesting to me, as it simply isn’t found anywhere else.

It’s also available for $47 to flog around clients, and many Fiverr whiteboard…um…artists are using it. I have no issue with this, but offering to help with script writing then using a DFY script is a little dishonest. It would be better to say “I have professional tools to help you” or something.

Consider this: you pay someone $100 (random number) to make a nice whiteboard w/ script. Now, maybe the whiteboard stuff takes work to put together, I don’t know. Maybe it’s drag ‘n’ drop in a WYSIWYG editor. That takes time. But the script is a DFY script that hundreds of other people are using when you wanted a unique one? That the example here wasn’t even rewritten says a lot. You’ve paid $100 for a unique video, but for a script your competitors may already be using. Klunk.

If you’re gonna tout for business, do it professionally. Anyone can copy-paste expert advice and samples–which is what this was, but anyone can also find it. If you value your business and are serious about hiring quality workers, then you need to show off your actual expertise. Not someone else’s–even if they are allowing you to. They don’t care, they’ve already got their $47 (I would bet this is a resell website too if you follow the food chain high enough) and this is just the bottom-feeding in action.

Eh, it’s Fiverr, it doesn’t really matter, you might say. But it will when your business fails because you’re using a regurgitated word-for-word script that you paid $100 for. That’s when “SCAM!” comes to the forefront and other reputations are tarnished indirectly–even though technically, everything’s above board.

Hell, if I was going to do this I’d use 3x sellerator, but the $3k price tag is rather offputting. And I’d make using this tool a main selling point rather than hiding it away, even on Fiverr. Let me save you $3000 and give you the words of the world’s most successful VSL script writer.

See how much better my pitch already is–and honest with it too?

Trust and professionalism, mate. Not a shabby $47 product and copy-paste DFY scripts.

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