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Buyer not respond


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Sometimes we need some information from buyer in order to deliver the order… till they don’t reply we have to wait, that definitely consumes time. However its not applicable for all sectors, but fields like web development its very common…

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If you need more information from buyer, but is not responding:
If you have done 50%-60% work for him already:
-Warn him of the impending delivery until deadline while inquiring for the information, and then officially deliver the 50% of work and be done with him.
If you’ve done under 50% of work, or none at all:
-Send a cancellation request and be done with him.
The buyer is paying for your time, and it’s his/her responsibility to communicate with the seller. If he or she fails to do so in the allotted time, then they can take it up with CS.

I get these buyers all of the time, and it’s really an inconsiderate thing to do to someone who has put a lot of work into something. In my opinion, you deserve to be paid for that work. I would say do as much of the order as you can, given the info you have, and send it in. I don’t think CS can fault you for doing your best, while trying consistently to nudge the buyer for information. Again, it depends on how much you’ve put in. If you haven’t started work, just cancel it. It’s not worth it.

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