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Newbie on fiverr, got good orders first week & suddenly started getting weird enquiries from buyers!


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Hi guys, I am here a newbie on fiverr, in first week of joining fiverr i got good orders and i can tell you i am totally amazed with the service fiverr is offering to the world it is just amazing and i am loving fiverr. And in between guess what… suddenly i started getting weird enquiry from some buyers and they asked me to do the service i never created a gig for and some of buyers contacted me and started asking me to discuss the deal on other media i mean outside of the fiverr but still i denied them because i am very much aware about the fact that doing business outside of fiverr is not safe for us nor it is permitted in fiverr T & C. and the twist came after completing few orders and successfully delivering the work few buyers dint respond me, neither update on delivered project nor just anything like closing the gig as completed if they are satisfied with the quality of work and suddenly i got a warning message from fiverr for violation of t & c and the message explained that i shared contact info with someone, i really couldn’t understand what went wrong. I am loving fiverr and the way fiverr does work and i am so sharp cautious to keep my account clean. so point is does any one else have clue on this???

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