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Gig Extras linked to requirements


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OK this is fairly simple:

we have some gig extras, that if purchased the buyer must give us additional info, images, or links to work with.

But if buyers don’t purchase that gig extra, they still get to see that requirement on the order page, as a required field.

Adding a text that says that a specific requirement is meant only for anyone who purchased gig extra “x” does not help, as over 60% of buyers just fill it out and some even expect to receive that additional service.

Can we please have the option to link gig extras+order requirement fields?

So that if a gig extra is not added, then the required field for that extra is not viewed by the buyer.

It will simplify the buyer’s experience as well… 🙂

Like this post if you agree, so that maybe we can get the product team to consider this!

thank you!
Let me know if you have any additional notes as well!

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