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Working from 1 year on fiverr, 10-12 hours a day not a single holiday


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Fiverr customer support is one of the weakest I have dealt with regarding 8 freelance sites I work in, they are not prompt and detailed like other freelance sites support team are they just have copy paste replies for you.They never answer back what is really asked to them and when you ask them to forward your query to the head manager who can understand the concern better, you never hear back from them. Just one good thing happened from this month that they now reply in 1 working day previously I used to get replies after 5-7 days.

A month back I got an email from Fiverr stating that I’m one of the best sellers in online marketing category and so they will like to know my opinion on new categories they want to introduce reagrding it, I gave 1 hr of my times thinking it would be for betterment of my gigs and easier for my customer to order services from me but don’t know why or how my gigs rankings start falling from last 7 days, I was getting 15-2- oders a day from 2-3 months and all of a suuden I have 0 oders on asking the support team they gave me a reply that as they are making changes n the category now my gigs will no longer appear in the search results as they violate TOS, Please explain me how my gig where I provide services for creating social media, managing them and marketing them is violating the TOS? On asking the support team this question I never got a reply back and my gig ranking gets lower.I have clients who buy big monthly packages from me on fiverr but if fiverr can’t get me new clients and have removed me from search results what is the use for me to deal here anymore?

Is this what happens when you give a marketplace 12 hours a day for a year with not a single holiday, they just say you can’t sale here anymore? WOW! seems like too much in plate for fiverr team now they don’t need their old hardworking sellers any more.

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