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"Is it a scam or is it just a bad experience?"


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My thought when seeing her canceling request.
I was very hurted, because I put all of my effort into it, although it’s just a small order, 10$ for a drawing in chibi style.

The work were delivered, high resolution, 2 options. She did not accept it, “its totally poor work” “try to make look like this” she said and attached a beautiful picture in semi-realistic style, which I know cost about 50$ or more to get.
My description is clear, my porfolio is live - showing all my works I did. Even in my instruction, I wrote “I will do my best to get the character identified but the style is always ‘simple cartoon’. Please do not ask for detailed or realistic”. I bet she saw all of this.

I delivered again, and it was denied again.

“I WANT REFUND” “cancel it i said”. She wrote. I accepted the request to cancel it.

I found out she is a seller too (https://www.fiverr.com/maria_026) but I can not access to her gig. I was torn thinking about it, that my work was stolen and being re-sell without my knowledge.
She get her refund, and I get hurt. This is the first time I’m facing this in my whole time working on Fiverr.
This is my live porfolio: https://www.fiverr.com/funpen/turn-your-sweetest-moment-into-cartoon

And the work I delivered to her.

I think, as a seller I have to deal with it sometimes since I am still a small, young illustrator.
(sorry for my weak English)

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I’m sorry this happened to you. I myself offer chibi images too, and it is CLEARLY
mentioned in my gig description that the features are limited with chibi images, and
that they are not realistic caricatures, but every now and then I had people tell me that
"It did not look like the person in the photo at all, where is her/his nose?"
Well, in many cases chibis don’t have noses, and hello, did you not see my sample

I know how you feel, but the sad fact is, it sometimes happens. It just does.
You can rant it here, or tell a friend/family member, let it out, and after that,
take a deep breathe and move on.
There will always be another buyer who respects/appreciate your work. 🙂

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i am sorry that this has happened to you. i know a lot of my friend who have faced these things. It appears that your buyer has delegated you the job which he himself got from another buyer. And he/she has copied your delivery and provided it to his buyer and then applied for cancel request.

one more thing i have noticed is that this type of experiences are mostly faced by seller whose work is related to graphics/designing and website designing

i think we all should know that there are always few risks involved in online/freelancing jobs

one way to counter is perhaps do not offer free revisions or modifications in your Gig. if somebody requests you modification do it for free if you feel so but do not offer it in Gig

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Well, at least you haven’t had to deal with getting a bad feedback for misspelling the word “color” which is spelled in multiple different ways depending on where you’re from.

Annnd, a more recent one where someone ordered a content article, told me they wanted it for a specific page and said it… TWO times the kind they wanted, I delivered what they requested and they claimed they wanted another one of a totally different type and to write it again, so i’m out 30 as I decided the hassle is a bigger time investment than the 24 after Fiverr fees is worth when I deal with much bigger clients. I suppose the plus side is if they accept the cancellation I am going to upload it myself somewhere so if it’s used anywhere I can prove that I published it first. In a case of artwork, I would make sure that if you did officially cancel the order to publish it on a personal page at the very least, as that way if it’s ever used anywhere else you can get the page shut down that used it unless they remove your image.

Generally, the more pain clients are the ones that spend $5 to $30 it seems. My larger orders never get this hassle.

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Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience. Don’t focus too much on it and move on. With the gig I offer if a client cancels I just simply stop the service I perform for them(which is their loss.) I realise not all gigs have that luxury though because sometimes products are offered instead of services.

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