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Thinking of a New Subcategory


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Apologies if the topic fits another section best. However, i think it will make sense if other sellers share their views as regards the topic. Everyone here is a digital marketer as long as you have been getting orders and completing projects.

As much as i assumed that all the sellers are digital marketers, i find it hard to think the same way for buyers. Most buyers come here to get something done, but some don’t even know what they are asking for. I have spent most of my time explaining to a couple buyers who don’t really know the best marketing strategies for them.

My concern is if it would make sense for Fiverr team to create a “Digital Marketing Consulting” subcategory in the business section just for confused buyers to go there and learn more about what they are asking sellers to do. I hope this in the long run will help buyers understand what service they need, and what they should be expecting for the amount they are willing to pay.

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