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Buyer threatening me....Pls help. I'm a new seller


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Hi all,

I’ve received a order on Dec 22, 2015 for design a logo. Before the order, the buyer contacted me to verify the terms & conditions. I’ve explained clearly. I’ve the chat record and I’ve attached for your reference. He ordered $5 gig and design a logo. Now he threatening me to do 2 different logos (2 different companies) for $5. How it is possible? I’ve never told that I will do 2 different logos for $5. Now he threatening me to do the 2nd logo.

I’ve done the first logo with 3 design variations. He will not accept to complete the order.

I’ve attached the chat record. How to complete the order?

Please help me in this regard.

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So, first, the image you attached doesn’t show a threat that I see, just a question. Second, I have to remove the image anyway because you displayed the name of another Fiverr user which is not allowed on the forum.

If a buyer did threaten you in some way, you can report it to Customer Support. The forum isn’t otherwise a good resource for this type of issue. If there is no thread but just a misunderstanding, you’d have to work that out with the buyer.

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