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Do anyone really want relationship advice from Fiverr


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In my opinion, you never know what will sell/not sell here.
When I first joined Fiverr 5 years ago, I was quite amazed with the strange gigs I found.
Something like logo design, writing/editing, singing a song, stuff like that I understood,
but I also found stuff like “I’ll sing in my thong” “I’ll make strange prank calls” and back then
I thought pfft, who the heck is gonna buy that?
…then several years later I bought a gig of a guy dancing in spandex and gave it to my
friend for his birthday, and he LOVED it.
On the other hand I have seen gigs which I personally thought were really good, but
they had low number of sales. I guess you just need to create your gig first and see
where it goes.
There are many people that check out Fiverr, I’m guessing that some of them would
like to have some advice/opinions about relationships. I guess it depends on how well
you present your gig. If you have a video of yourself talking about the types of advice you are going to give, that might attract more people??

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