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When will Fiverr protect their sellers from Buyer SCAMMERS?


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I have been working here in fiverr for quite bit already for 3-4 years. I do finances and research for clients, students and business people. I have encountered this one buyer that asked me to work for an urgent project, it’s a research work and financial computations for ratios for a merging company.

I made the research, write up like 8 -10 pages and calculated financial ratios etc., next thing i sent right away to the client in less than 24 hours since the client said he needs it very urgent. After a day, he returned back and said he needs revision, no need to do introductory and so on. I gave revisions for like 6 times with all the comments every time he answers back, then finally, he wanted a refund after a day.

This is such a rip off for me, because all my effort and work done here is already done, then suddenly they use my report, write up and computations, and will just want a ‘refund’? I can refund it if i know that i did not do a good job, but it is so ridiculous to refund something you worked hard for and you have nothing to defend for.

I tried to contact fiverr, but all they said is they cannot help me. such a shame. buyers and sellers should have equal rights here for protection. so many talents are working here. they should be protected as well.

The client’s name is: tooba_sid22

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I’m really sorry to hear about your problem. I write articles and this has happened to me a couple of times. What I do though, is either refuse to accept a cancellation and tell the buyer that they are free to leave negative feedback, or agree to cancel in the understanding that they do not have permission to use your work in any capacity.

If in the latter case, they use my work anyway, I find out using online plagiarism tools. I find the site where it is being hosted, send a polite take down request and so far all work has been removed. This works because most websites hire a 3rd party agency to provide content for them and when they find out that this agent hasn’t paid for the necessary copyright permissions, they panic.

In your case you probably can’t do this. However, maybe you could password protect files and only pass the password on after a sale has been completed?

Kind Regards,


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