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Extending due dates


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I’m a Buyer and I’d like some way for me to extend the due date. From my end, Fiverr seems to set an early due date - it never directly asks me to set a due date, nor prompts me to consider things like interim deliverables … where based on feedback (& weekends & Holidays) both seller & buyer may need more time. No real prompting from Fiverr for either of us to bring due dates into our initial ‘project negotiation’ communications. I now have a Seller trying to rush through a job / bypass my chance to give feedback … simply to meet a Fiverr date & not be marked ‘late’ by Fiverr. Meanwhile, I as Client WANT date extended, plus, would be happy to pay partial for work completed-to-date. My projects are custom - which means there are things-to-discover for both parties as we proceed … I can work around other items, but can’t do anything re: due dates

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