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Orders are not coming


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The whole month of May was terrible for me. 3 buyers cancelling orders and then sales got down. Now my Fiverr account only has $60 revenues 😦 this is frustrating. I even posted new gigs so that I can have extra income aside from transcription services. I daily check my new gigs but the status says “O views” I dont know why. Maybe it’s because were nearing June which is the summer vacation for US, right?

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Reply to @matt_garry:

matt_garry said: I never have promoted my gigs on anything their is more than enough traffic on this site than you would ever need. if you are not getting gigs you either need to rework you're video or answer more gig requests

I agree. There is a lot of traffic on this site. Actually that is the reason why most sellers are here. Yes, I promote my gigs sometimes, but let's face it, most of the time the orders I get are from Fiverr itself, otherwise wouldn't make sense to use this site (if we had the ability to drive so much targeted traffic to our services).

There's luck involved too. To get orders the search engine must love you. :P And of course, you must have good gigs greatly optimized for the search engine (keywords, title, etc.) ;)

Last January I was averaging 40 orders a day, while right now I only get around 5 orders a day. I still have 100% rating with no negative reviews and almost 1,000 positive reviews in my 5 gigs combined. Cancellation rate only 3.47%. So, yes, seems like search engine is loving some other folks more than me right now, for no apparent reason. :P

Best Of Luck.
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