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Use service like Transferwise to recieve money rather than Paypal

Guest kkpatel8085

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Guest kkpatel8085

Hi Fiverr team

I would like to suggest you guys receive buyers money from Service like Transfer wise.
You can ask buyers to pay money into Fiver;s Bank account.
although it will take more time may be 2-3, but it will be very secure method for Sellers in time of Paypal Dispute.
When Client or buyer disputes with paypal after getting order completed, in such cases fiverr will no have control over buyer and not able to help sellers in any way.
This can be fixed using directly payment services like transferwise.

Fiverr can ask buyer to get paid by services. If buyer wins in fiverr dispute, buyers can have money back using transferwise by fiverr. This seems great solution to make seller safe from scammed buyers. Benefit to buyers is that , they will have less fees then paypal almost more than 50%.

What do you think guys ?


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