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Client took my work from here and posting as her own w/o license


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Hi I had a client here Pinkwillow15 buy 4 gigs and chose not to pay license fee offered, now I see she is posting publically with her name on them one place being Facebook under Tiffaney Hill Joiner…I asked her to credit me or pay for license and she blocked me and left work up.
How do we do anything? I am new and this really has made me nervous!

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Sad story. I wish you luck with that.

  1. it is good to contact customer support for such cases. They might ban the buyer if you provide proof (screenshots of your delivery and conversation with that buyer)

  2. as annai80 wrote, contact the website where your “stolen” work has been posted because copyright infindgement is serious.

  3. make sure you write in your gig description that the buyer is not allowed to use your work in the way that buyer did

and 4) … maybe you have not read Fiverr’s Forum’s do’s and dont’s. You are not allowed to post any user’s usernames or real names on this Forum. Sooner or later you will get reported for doing that. I understand you are new here and still don’t know how it works. But please everybody read the terms of service carefully! 🙂

Hope that helps

All the best!

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