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Well Fiverr Its been nice knowing you but

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Guest ericwycoff

Hello Fiverr Community,

 For the most part this website has done a great job for me trying to do what my goal was which was to help educate people about ableton live suite 9! But lately there have been way to many people on here who try to abuse my kindness on this website however, I try to reach out and help as many people as I can. but the thing I have realize is this. When I work for the actual job I have as a sound designer I work with nothing but professional people! But on here 95% of people who are attracted to my gigs are people who are 15-18 years old with no moral or common sense at all that don't give a crap about your well being or what your trying to do for someone not to mention they have no idea what professionalism is! Sorry fiverr but your not worth the stress anymore but I would like to personally thank the creators of this website for helping me get money for more professional audio equipment.

So long!

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